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  • Awarables

    Awarables is committed to sleep health improvement by bringing the state-of-the-art in Sleep Science to consumers in the comfort of their homes. Awarables' miniature Sleep Recorders empower customers to take control of their sleep quality by recording sleep over extended periods of time, providing in-depth insights into their sleep quality and issues with intuitive metrics and analytics, and then accompanying them through their journey of sleep and performance growth via coaching, behavior modification and tangible analytical feedback, all at a clinically relevant level.

  • The Numbers Spoke to Us


    people in the US with chronic sleep problems.


    people in the US suffer from Insomnia.

  • Our Technology

    Heart Rate Monitor

    Accurately track your stages of sleep through your heart rate patterns.

    3-Axis Accelerometers and Gyroscopes

    An advanced motion sensor tosses and turns with you all night to determine how restful your sleep was.

    Snore Microphone

    Record the sound of your sleep to discover and diagnose varying intensities of snoring, breathing issues, coughing, and sleep talking.  The microphone also tracks ambient noise to ensure your sleeping environment is ideal.

    Light and Temperature Sensors

    Environment sensors such as light and temperature are monitored through the night to gauge ideal sleep conditions and identify exterior issues affecting your sleep.

  • The Bedtime Story

    Awarables Deep Analytics reveal the story of your sleep over an extended period of time

    Track your daily Sleep Score, Dreaming (REM) periods, Time spent awake, Sleep postures and more with the Sleep App

    Get to know your own Sleep Signature and be alerted to changes such as your best or worst night of sleep

    Talk to the App with a Sleep Diary which allows you and our intelligent algorithms to correlate your Sleep scores to patterns in your daily life.

    Validate sleep quality improvements with adjustments in sleep habits via long-term analytics and reports to discuss with clinicians

  • The A to Zzz's of Sleeping

    We won't just critique your sleep quality, we believe in helping you improve and validating your progress

    The Sleep App allows you to measure your reflexes and learning skills both of which can be deeply affected by Sleep Debt.

    Sleep Hygiene: The best practices for sleeping right will be at your fingertips with reminders, personalized goals based on your unique habits, and your own searches

    Sleep Coaching : Personal Help for a personal problem. Awarables extends certified sleep coaching to guide you through your journey of sleep improvement.

  • Awarables Team

    Dr. Madhvi Upender

    Chief Science Officer, Founder

    Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur, Expert in Clinical Diagnostics and Cancer Genetics.

    Dr. Gilmer Blankenship

    Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

    Serial International Entrepreneur, and Professor at Univ. Of Maryland.

    Dr. Raghu Upender, MD

    Chief Medical Officer, Co-founder

    Neurologist, Sleep Clinician, Faculty, and Researcher at Vanderbilit Univ.

    Amrit Bandyopadhyay

    Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

    Inventor, Product Manager and, Expert in Intelligent Analytics and Sensor Fusion

  • News

    Awarables exhibits at the 10th Annual Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara

    Awarables was 1 of 11 companies invited to participate in the 2nd Sleep Technology Summit, part of the Health 2.0's 10th Annual Conference held in Santa Clara, CA Sept. 26-28. Sleep technologies included white noise machines to music playing pillows, as well as consumer products to measure sleep quality. One of the major discussion topics throughout the meeting was the "So what" question of data without targeted action. Most consumer devices provide data regarding an individual's sleep but fall short on providing actionable outcomes. Awarables' sleep improvement system was unique in presenting a comprehensive solution to monitor sleep quality and provide personalized insights for sleep improvement through guided behavior therapy.

    Awarables Receives $500,000 investment from Baltimore based Abell Foundation

    Baltimore Business Journal, Sept.19, 2016

    Abell invests $500,000 in Baltimore company battling sleep disorders -Morgan Eichensehr


    The Abell Foundation Inc. has invested $500,000 in Awarables Inc., a Baltimore-based medical device company that aims to improve people's quality of sleep through in-home testing and treatment.

    "Baltimore has long been known for cutting edge medical research and innovation," said Abell Foundation President Robert C. Embry Jr. "Companies like Awarables show it's possible to bring that research to the market, support job growth in the city, and potentially improve the quality of life for millions of people."

    Nearly 70 million Americans suffer from poor sleep, which can impact health and well-being. Thirty million Americans suffer from chronic insomnia and 18 million live with sleep apnea, a disorder which causes a person's breathing to start and stop during sleep. In search of remedies, Americans make about two million visits to sleep labs each year.

    Awarables provides devices, data analysis and testing services to doctors to understand patients' sleep behaviors over the course of multiple nights of sleep in their own homes. Through heart rate sensors, motion sensors, snore microphones, and light and temperature sensors, the company's technology offers a comprehensive image of a person's sleep experience.

    Often, individuals diagnosed with sleep apnea are fitted with a breathing device to keep the airway open, but if that fails, the next step is frequently surgery. Those living with insomnia have even fewer options, and often are prescribed sleep aids that can interfere with the normal sleep cycle and promote long-term dependence on medication.

    Awarables also has an exclusive license for a diagnostic tool for sleep apnea called SONOSA that was created by Dr. Jeffrey Wolf and Dr. Amal Isaiah at the University of Maryland Medical Center. SONOSA allows physicians to see a 3-D ultrasound image of the impaired airway to improve treatment options and outcomes. Embry said Awarables appealed to Abell because it is a company trying to "address widespread with an exciting approach." Abell is the lead investor in Awarables and helped secure the company's decision to move to Baltimore. The two-year-old company is primarily based in Bethesda and opened an office on Pratt Street a few months ago.

    Awarables receives grant from NEPDC for development of sleep monitoring device

    The New England Pediatric Device Consortium (NEPDC) is a non-profit foundation supported by the FDA’s Office of Orphan Products Development (OOPD) to promote commercialization of safe and effective technologies for pediatric clinical care. NEPDC accelerates commercialization by connecting innovators with an extensive network of clinicians, researchers, technologists, and business development specialists located at institutions throughout New England. Through our Seed Award program, NEPDC evaluates product concepts across the commercialization spectrum, from ideas to near-to-market devices, and provides rapid and targeted assistance to innovators seeking to address the needs of children suffering from disease or disabilities.

    Awarables - Second Place Finalist StartRight! Competition

    StartRight! is a regional business plan competition that was established in 2004 by Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) to encourage women entrepreneurs to write their business plans, leading to stronger companies. 

    Visit the site and show your support by voting for Awarables for the best pitch - http://www.marylandwbc.org/pick-the-pitch-contest/

    Springboard Health Innovation Hub 2015


    Madhvi Upender, CEO, has been accepted into the 2015 class of Springboard Enterprises.

    Springboard is a highly-vetted expert network of innovators, investors and influencers who are dedicated to building high-growth technology-oriented companies led by women.

    Our programs and initiatives are how we source, qualify, advise, showcase and support the most promising businesses seeking capital or partnerships for product development and expansion. ‎

    Springboard’s Health Innovation Hub is a collaboration platform advancing the growth of digital health and life science companies led by women with significant potential for investment and partnerships.


    MindShare Class of 2014

    Madhvi Upender, CEO, recently graduated from the MindShare Program. MindShare is an exclusive, invitation only, program for CEOs of companies in the Greater Washington Metropolitan region that provides mentorship, business opportunities and lasting friendships. To date, more than 300 CEOs have graduated from MindShare, creating a deep and valuable alumni network. MindShare's mission is to help CEOs from the most promising technology and life sciences growth companies build long-term, sustainable companies by creating opportunities and a sense of community as well as fostering teamwork in a collegial environment.

    Awarables featured in UCONN Alumni magazine

    Madhvi Upender, CEO, was one of three alumni featured in the November edition of the UCONN magazine focused on "Pioneering Paths to Healing" (http://today.uconn.edu/blog/2014/11/pioneering-paths-to-healing/)

    DC I-Corps Entrepreneurship Program

    November 19, 2013 - Awarables team was accepted and completed the National Science Foundation sponsored DC I-Corps Entrepreneurship program from October 7 – November 19, 2013. During this six-week program, we applied the Lean Startup principles to our startup, testing our product-market fit, and adapting a viable business model for our innovation.
    DC I-Corps is a regional program designed to foster, grow and nurture an innovation ecosystem. The program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and jointly run by the University of Maryland College Park, George Washington University, and Virginia Tech. The program provides real world, hands-on training on how to successfully incorporate innovations into successful products.


    Awarables’ innovative research and development programs include customer-driven enhancements to its signature Sleep Analytics System, extending it to new and demanding applications with unique and pressing requirements.

    Wearable device and methods for sleep assessment and management in the home environment,

    National Science Foundation SBIR Grant

    Our technology brings together hardware + software components for sleep monitoring and sleep improvement. The device is a multi-sensor, small, wearable device that collects physiological data (i.e. heart rate) and sleep environment data. It is meant to be used for multiple nights to capture the variations in sleep patterns and gather a comprehensive picture of the person's sleep health. We have patent-pending algorithms for sleep staging and visualization of an individual's entire night of sleep (personal "sleep architecture"). Our mobile software component captures user sleep habits/daytime performance/mood along with giving personalized therapy for improving their sleep health (using cognitive behavior therapy).  Our system can be used at home, for multiple nights, for chronic sleep problems, personal sleep therapy, and therapy adherence (when working with a healthcare provider).

    Sleep Analytics System for ADHD/ASD Pediatrics

    National Science Foundation

    Among the 5.2 million children with ADHD some 25%-50% suffer from poor sleep. Similarly, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) experience poor sleep at a much higher rate (40%-80%). Awarables is customizing its Sleep Analytics System to enable parents to monitor, assess and understand the nature of their child’s sleep problems in the context of their overall health.

    Mobile Application for Improved Sleep through Sleep Hygiene Training, Department of Defense

    The Performance Triad defined by the US Army Surgeon General lists Sleep along with Activity and Nutrition (ANS) as the key components to improve the readiness and resiliency of US Army Personnel. Awarables is developing and implementing an Android-based application that tracks and learns an individual’s sleep habits and sleep quality while identifying and presenting customized cues and feedback to encourage behavior modification and track sleep and performance improvements.

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